Use Lifemote to Identify

and Fix Home Wi-Fi Problems

A typical customer calls their ISP twice per year, and about 50% of these are complaints regarding WiFi problems

Lifemote is a WiFi cloud management platform (SaaS) for Internet Service Providers, which uses AI to proactively find and fix home network issues before subscribers complain.

Launch a lab demo within a week and field trial within a month


Fast Launch

Launch a lab demo within a week; 

and field trial within a month.

CPE Vendor Agnostic


Proactive Maintenance

Expert Consulting

Complete Portability

Flexible Deployment Model & Scalability

Works with any CPE vendor, a key enabler given most ISPs preference for multi-vendor deployments.

Advanced data analytics and AI to improve performance. 

Provides tools for the ISP to flag customers based on issue types, and resolve problems even before customers call for help.

Reports and long-term support from a team of wifi and cloud experts for ISPs moving to an integrated cloud-managed LAN solution.

Lifemote collects data directly from device drivers, Data-gathering agent currently running on Linux-based CPEs with Broadcom, Qualcomm, MediaTek chipsets.

Software is deployed on Amazon Web Services. Fast, secure and ready to scale.

Find and Fix Network Issues Before Customers Complain

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- See a snapshot of your subscribers’ WiFi QoE in one month with our field trial

- Start proactive maintenance of home WiFi in as little as three months from kickoff

- Reduce customer connectivity complaints by over 10% in the first year

- Create new revenue streams with Lifemote’s Proactive Upsell tools

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